Sunday, July 19, 2015

Shop: has amazing designs!

Everyone loves fandom merch, right? 
(Well, if your answer is no... then you're probably in the wrong place haha)

Anywho! I got these amazing shirts from Andrea, who owns the merch website called! These tanks are absolutely comfortable! 

Shirt on the left:  "It was books that made me feel that I wasn't completely alone"
You can purchase them here.
If you'd like this top in a t-shirt, you can order here.

Shirt on the right: "Some stories stay with us forever."
You can purchase them here.
If you'd like this top in a t-shirt, you can order here.

Visit the website to view more shirt designs! She also has jewelry, pins, tote bags, phone cases, etc!

Learn more about Andrea below!

Whoviandrea is a fandom merchandise store. We sell everything from t-shirts to jewelry. Our designs are fandom inspired, not official. We also take requests! 

I was thirteen and interested in doing "Instagram edits" when I first heard of Teespring. I spent an entire Saturday designing my first actual design (AOTAS) and persuading my parents to letting me sell it. The next day it was up. Ah, that was an exciting week. Would I or would I not reach the goal of 18 sold shirts? 
One week later I was standing there with 23 sold shirts. I will never forget that feeling. People had bought what I had created. Payed with actual money. Supported me.
Whoviandrea was born.

After a year of using Redbuble, Teespring and Spreadshirt to sell t-shirts and more I decided to take another step and open up my own shop where I integrate two of the shops in one domain. I hope you like what you see.

Good to know: To save time and money clothing, phone cases and mugs are printed and sent by Spreadshirt. Jewelry and pins are sent from us in Sweden.

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