Thursday, December 10, 2015

Book-ish Gifts for the Holidays!

As you know, Christmas is right around the corner! What better way to stock those stockings with perfect bookish gifts - whether it be for yourself, or a loved one! 
If the person you know has a bunch of books already and you're not sure what to get them - don't fret! We have a bunch of great ideas for you below!
Risa and I (Carmen) wanted to share with you some great gift ideas we think would be great for someone who loves books as much as we do!   

Bookish Jewelry/Accessories - Hebel Design
If you haven't heard of Hebel Design, she makes the most INCREDIBLE bookish jewelry I have ever seen!! She creates items anywhere from The Selection Series, The Infernal Devices / The Mortal Instruments series, Lux series, and more! - Check out her collections here.

Erin Condren Life Planners

These aren't just any planners. They simply have anything and everything you could ever ask for in a planner!! Not to mention all of the cute little accessories you can purchase for it. Oh! And don't forget you can completely customize the cover too!

Click here to look at her planners!

Click here to save $10!

Stylish Planners - Customized Covers!

Instagram | Etsy Page
If you don't like any of the pre-made covers Erin Condren has to offer, I came across an amazing cover artist on Etsy!
She has plenty of designs to choose from! I had a custom one made with the quote "We live and breathe words" and also with my name on it! It came out beautifully! All you do is save and upload it to the Erin Condren website when you order yours. 

If you would like to order one of these, she is offering 20% to my followers! Use the CODE: Books20!
It's good for orders over $9 and through the end of the year!

Book Box Subscriptions!

This subscription comes with a whole bunch of different goodies! OwlCrate comes with one book, and a bunch of book swag that goes along with that book! Here's a few samples from their website so you can get an idea of how great of a gift this would be! 
Great thing about this, is that its only $29.99/mo! 
Use our code BOOKFEELS10 for 10% off of your first order (or ANY gift orders!)

If you're looking for a subscription of simply just books, MyBookBox is a book subscription of 2 books per month for only $39.99. You get to choose the category of books sent to you as well! 
Click the link for more information!
If you're interested in subscribing, use our code OHTHEBOOKBOX for 20% off!!

Personal Library Kit

A Personal Library Kit for the neurotic book lover in us all.
There is nothing worse than loaning out a book and not getting it back. All my friends think my shelf is there personal with that I give you this great little gift set that includes: 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards; date stamp & inkpad and pencil. You can now keep track of what’s been loaned out and to who with DUE DATES!

Buy on Amazon here!

Out of Print - Tshirts, Bags, and more!

Any book lover would go nuts for this amazing site Out Of Print. It is one of my favorites and carries so many unique books on shirts, bags, mugs and more! Ranging from classics and children's to Libraries. Browse around and I don’t think you’d be disappointed...neither will the person receiving these amazing gifts!

ThinkGeek - Book Pillows!

Thinkgeek is another amazing site full of awesome geekery for all ages. While I was browsing I found these amazing book beauties which would look wonderful on any comfy reading chair or bed. Book PILLOWS! The Alice In Wonderland book pillow even opens!
Check them out here!!

Cute Bookmarks!
My Bookmark
These bookmarks are AMAZING. I can't tell you enough how unique each and every one of her bookmarks are. Olena has an incredible talent, and each bookmark is HAND MADE! Yup. Sculpted, painted.. everything! I have a handful of designs from her, and I'm impressed by her talent every single time. I wish I could own ALL of her bookmarks! Check out dozens of her designs on her etsy page!

Happy Hello Co

Sometimes the Holidays can be stressful and you want to get the most bang for your buck and leave no one out. How adorable and super affordable are these character themed magnetic bookmarks from Happy Hello Co on Etsy! You could buy your friend a set from their favorite series, or even buy a few different ones and give one book mark out to each friend. I think they are so CUTE!! Of course TID is one of my favorites right?!- But there are seriously so many choices! Check them out here

Bookish Candles
As a lover of all things candles seeing them collide   with books is always a good thing! There’s this great shop on Etsy called Frostbeard-The booklovers soy candles and they seem so enticing! Not only do they have “book” candles like Oxford Library but they also have book inspired scents like The Shire for those Tolkien fans in us all!
They even offer sample packs for those who just can choose ONE! What a great gift or stocking stuffer!
Check out the homepage for more great book scents here!

Beautiful Wall Prints!
No home library is complete without a few classy bookish prints on the wall right? I like shops that have instant downloadables too, they are great if you’ve got a good printer, than you pay no shipping and don’t have to wait to get your prints!

Check out this one here!

Library Card Bookmark

I think you’d be hard pressed to find an avid book reader who wasn’t also a collector of bookmarks. The more unique the better! What better than a library card bookmark! I am absolutely in love with these! But one, buy ten! The possibilities of what you could do with these little fabric cards is endless!

Check them out on Etsy here!

Coffee Mugs

Fox & Clover Boutique
You can NEVER go wrong with coffee mugs! There is no such thing as having too many!! I am loving all the arty book themed one available today..I WANT THEM ALL!! I absolutely adore the Fox And Clover Boutique on Etsy. There stuff Isn’t all BOOK themed but it still amazing! Check out this cute one!

We also can't forget CoffeeReadingWriting! Not sure about you, but I'm addicted to my coffee, and these mugs say it all too! OH! And they have CUUUTE coffee mug sweaters too - which is perfect because you have to have your coffee hot right? They make it easier to hold too!
 Make sure to check out their etsy page!

Make sure to check back with us tomorrow!
We're doing a pretty awesome holiday giveaway that includes several of these amazing items... AND BOOKS!

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