Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fictional Places We Must Visit!

I think we can all agree that it isn’t just that characters that pull you into a good book, it’s these magical fantastical places that authors have created….Places I would give up my right butt cheek to visit!! Alas, I have to accept that there is a possibility I may never actually step foot in any of these imaginative lands, but a girl can dream right? Or at the very least wish for a dashing mad man with a blue box to come whisk her away to far off adventures...hey it COULD happen! Also...aside from number one, these are not in ranking order...that would just blow my mind trying to do that.

1. HOGWARTS…...Duh!
I mean...there's really no shock or contest here right?? I think we can ALL agree...Hogwarts is the place to be. I’m dying to roam the grounds and see what kind of adventure I could stumble upon!

2. The New York AND London Shadowhunter Institutes….and you may as well throw Idris in there as well.
I mean stepping foot into a Shadowhunter Institute from TID and TMI would make me squeal...seeing those libraries! Ohh man...but Idris, now that would be an adventure am I right?? And If I’m really lucky I’ll run into a Herondale boy...SQUEEE!

3. Camp Half-Blood because Demigods.
I’m still working my way through the Percy Jackson series but I know enough to know that this place looks fantastic. I mean did you see Percy’s cabin? Plus mythical creatures? I am so in!

Okay I KNOWWW this isn’t “bookish” exactly, BUT there are novels based off of the Doctor Who series so I say it counts. The TARDIS. Can you imagine? It's like visiting a world that can take you to other worlds...through all of time and space.….nuff said.

5. The Shire, with second breakfast!
One of my favorite parts from The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings is the Shire. It just looks like a place I would love to roam and spend my days gardening and being lazy reading with a cup of tea. Ahhhhhh.

6. Neverland, where I shall learn to CROW!
I’m pretty partial to the “Hook” version of Neverland, but really any one will do. They are all more of the same, and that same is an amazing place of imagination and mermaids and crazy pirates and I think I would have a blast running around with Peter!! BANGERANG!! 

7. Norta, where I will discover my blood type.
I mean a little scary right but the country of Norta from Red Queen seems pretty frickin amazing? The beautiful scenery and rivers and silver cities guarded by diamondglass! I want to see the Stilts where Mare is from...I would just like one big massive tour thanks!

8. Narnia...will Aslan be there?
I mean there’s not much more justification for this other than it is absolutely beautiful right? And Aslan and all the other talking creatures would be pretty cool to meet yeah, not to mention you crawl through a wardrobe to get there!

9. Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever….or something like that..?
Okay, so Panem? A little scary with the dictatorship and whole revolutionary war thing, but maybe just a behind the scenes tour of the districts? I’d just love to see each District’s and the Capitol before it all gets blown up and what not...I have a feeling parts are incredibly beautiful, plus the Capitol?! I mean I wouldn’t want to live there but it sure seems like a crazy/beautiful place to with as fast as their trains are, we could be in and out!

10. The Moon Forest Of Endor where I will adopt an Ewok of my very own.
I mean I think Endor is a beautiful place that look similar to a lot of real forests here on planet earth, heck even some in the United States. But the beautiful scenery os only half the appeal. Endor has EWOKS! And for that we must go and get me one to bring home and keep and love and squeeze. In fact we better get TWO, cause I don’t want my little guy getting lonely. I’m sure Han won’t mind squeezing us all into the Falcon for a ride!

Take the poll below so we can see what places are fan favorites and going to be booming with tourists!! 

Let me know in the comments what places I left out and where you’d like to go!

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