Friday, January 8, 2016

Ode to the Library….and other bookish things...

Ode to the Library….and other bookish things...

Let’s face it guys…being an avid reader and book enthusiast is a dedicated job, you usually don’t get paid for and it is a community that just keeps growing. Being a bibliophile has become a fandom of its very own.
We are all in this together as lovers of stories…we have YA fans, we have NA fans, fans who love dystopian or fantasy or fiction, or the ones who love it all! Regardless of preference, if you are reading this it means, you like me and so many others just LOVE to read. We LOVE books!
Nowadays with social media at an all time high, we have unlimited access to all things books. We have Book blogs and Booktubes and Bookstagrams! We can follow our favorite authors and publishing houses on Twitter. It’s all a giant web of conversing and sharing and posting.

If I’m being honest, I personally feel it can be overwhelming at times trying to keep up with it all. And even more than that...expensive! Books are not always cheap. Sometimes it’s just not in the budget to buy the new beautiful hard back release that everyone is posting about.
Wahh-wahhh, sad face, temper tantrum, weeping tears…….
Patience is truly a virtue kids, and a little can carry you a long way. So you can’t buy the book RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t mean you can’t rejoice in reading it. YOU HAVE OPTIONS! There are lots of ways to devour book after book, and yes even add to your growing collection of books while still keeping to a fixed book budget.

Take a walk with me….
Option number one: The Public Library!

Okay I could seriously wax poetic about the library for pages and pages, but I am going to try and keep my love and complete admiration to a respectable level. I LOVE THE LIBRARY. I mean all Libraries. This place is like a gift from book heaven! The ONLY thing that would make it better is if they served complimentary pie and Chai lattes at the door. Let me break it down for you…

You go in and sign up for your Library card for free.  Did you catch that?? Most only need  an address and photo ID, although depending on where you are the process may be a little different for some. (Under 18 is also allowed and if a parent or guardian is unable to go in with you, YOU CAN STILL get a card, you just may be limited to a smaller check out allowance.)

Once you have said card, you now have access to THOUSANDS of BOOKS AND MOVIES FOR FREE! I am not even kidding, FOR FREE! Just in case you didn’t get how amazing that is.

My local library allows me to check out 25 books at a time for three weeks. They can be renewed up to 4 times (for 3 week increments) as long as another reader doesn’t have a “hold” on the book.

You can search and reserve books online, and even designate a pick up location of your choice from all your local libraries. As much as I love to sit in the library and roam the shelves, when life gets busy the online features are AMAZING. I can do all my browsing/reserving in a few minutes and when my books have arrived I get an email letting me know. I also get a five day pick up window to get down there and physically check them out, before they go back on the shelf.

I know every Library is different, but mine even carries new releases as well as old books. Same with movies! And if that TRULY wasn’t enough you can borrow eBooks!! Yup via Kindle or other eReaders, and even just as a downloadable on your computer. I have my Library account linked to my Kindle and the books are delivered directly. When my borrow time is up, the book automatically removes from my device.

I know I’m being overly elaborate here, but I just think the Library is truly underused and I cannot for the life of me understand why!?!? So I want everyone to understand every detail of everything it has to offer!! Too much??

So yeah maybe I can’t post a cool artsy picture of my new book with a cup of hot chocolate BUT I can talk to you about how it blew my frickin mind and was an amazing read! And that's what is REALLY important when it comes to this world…..right?? Just because I can’t buy this beautiful hardcover brand new and crisp for 20+ dollars, I can still READ the darn thing...and FOR FREE!

If you don’t have a library card already...GO! Go get one...NOW! It’s seriously worth it. I PROMISE!!
Option number two: Buy USED people!

To some this may seem like a dirty word cause you like that crisp snap of a new spine, ad untouched pages. Pish! Tosh! Silly non-sense in my opinion. To each his own really, but when I can get a book for half the price just because someone else has enjoyed it before me? Ummm YES PLEASE! As long as it’s still readable and in good condition, I have NO SHAME in buying used- via Amazon (WHERE YOU KIND FIND BOOKS FOR A PENNY!!!)....
or my local resale books stores like Bookmans or Mostly Books, where you can not only buy used, but trade in books for cash or store credit. Something I do frequently. I may not have enjoyed it enough to keep, so why not trade it in for credit and pick out something new?-Well….new to me.
Option number three: Ebook deals!

So I usually only buy YA or favorites in physical form. Books I know I will want to read again, and want to display on my shelf. Other than that eBooks treat me just fine, and there are so many ways to get good deals nowadays.

One being this really cool site called BookBub! You sign up, set your genre and email preferences and away you go! They send you deals for eBooks, usually $3.99 to FREE in the genres of your choice! Yeah FREE! Now a stipulation to this is a lot of the free books are first in a series where the second, third and so on may cost a dollar or two. Honestly though I don’t even mind. I can start a series and  if I love it, YAY thanks BookBub for turning me on to it. If I hate it?? YAY thanks BookBub for letting me try it out for free and not wasting my own money!! I mean you really can’t lose here right?
Lastly...communicate with fellow readers! We are such a big community and I’m sure we have each found some cool site in our travels for great book deals, so let's share that wealth with the rest!

I stumbled upon this site Thriftbooks in my internet travels, but haven’t used it so I can’t officially confirm it’s awesomeness but it seems pretty great. If you have used it let me know?

Do you guys have any good book deal recommendations? Do you frequent your local Library??-Let me know in the comments!


  1. YES! ODE TO THE LIBRARY!!! Preach, preach, preach! :-D I am a HUGE library goer. The librarians are my FRIENDS. Your library sounds a bit cooler than mine, though... You appear to have double for everything! ;-)

    1. YESSS! I fellow Library-Lover! It's great right?!? So glad someone else understands. I often ask myself..."Do people just not know about this? That this is a REAL THING?" Thanks so much for reading and commenting!! XO

    2. Haha. I know exactly what you mean! I guess I just don't understand the concept of being able to go to the bookstore and pick up ten books. I can definitely relate to borrowing fifteen, though! :-) Of course!