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Review: SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo

Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price–and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…
A convict with a thirst for revenge.
A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.
A runaway with a privileged past.
A spy known as the Wraith.
A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.
A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.
Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz’s crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill 
each other first.

STAR RATING: 5/5...easy!

OKayyyy. Before I jump into my review I want to add a little blurb here about Six of Crows, and how I felt going into it. I tend to be a little biased with “HYPED” books. Like Six of Crows and Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. There is just SO MUCH pre-release hype! My Instagram feed will be filled with cool artsy photos of books and socks and coffee mugs and I’m over here like “hhhmnnn…we’ll see…..” and “I doubt it’s THAT good…”

So far I’ve really had to eat my words because despite my hesitancy and generally stubborn demeanor….I end up friken LOVING these books. Is it just subconscious subliminal marketing after seeing them EVERYWHERE that I’m like “yeah they're good!”? I’d like to think I’m not a sheep. I trust my own opinion when it comes to what I LIKE as a reader, so I’m just going to give that one a blanket NO and say that if I TRULY thought these HYPED UP books we’re bad , I would say so….but they are not so I have joined the ranks of the Dregs as a willing participant and devoted soldier.
No mourners, no funerals!
(Is it bad that I want this tattooed??)

ONWARD…. In a word, Six of Crows was STUNNING. I mean…absolutely, gloved hands down an amazing read. Dec/Jan are always sloooooow reading months for me and this time around was no exception. It took me almost a month to devour 6OC and that was not because of a lacking story, it’s just that adult life sometimes demands to be dealt with. I WAS BUSY!
So, I’m actually really glad I got to savor each black lined page rather than consuming it in a big two day bite, ya know? It gave me time to appreciate everything it had to offer, and that was a lot.
Slow starter for me personally, but that tends to be the case a lot of the time. Six of Crows alternates POV by chapter between 5 main characters:

  • Kaz Brekkar, dirtyhands, thief extraordinaire, bastard of the barrel and foot leader of The Dregs (also, he’s ahh-mazing)
  • Nina, heartrender, Grisha goddess, devoted and loyal to the end
  • Inej, The Wraith, acrobatic ghost, light footed spy and gatherer of secrets
  • Matthias, Fjerdan soldier, warrior to the right cause...eventually
  • Jesper, sharpshooter, with a chip on his shoulder, a hole in his pocket and something to proove
  • Wylan,  privileged merchling-misunderstood runaway...also with something to proove *Though he is one of the "Six Crows" we do not get any chapters from his perspective...yet?!?

I thought bouncing between so many POV’s would make it hard for me to stay focused or really get into the characters, when my time with them was so “sporadic” but that just wasn't the case. I felt that it made this story even better, being able to see it from all angles. It’s like going from tunnel vision to full panoramic! Though I did have my favorites, I seriously LOVED all of these characters! They were amazing.

(Can you tell who my favorite is? Way to be different right? I can’t help it...he’s awesome!)

The author does a really great job of including back story. We get taken back in memories rather than big “time jumps”, making it more subtle and INTERESTING in my opinion. You don’t feel overloaded with any one person's history all at once. It comes in gradual waves.

This rag-tag group of misunderstood  youth embark on a crazy mission of the impossible with a very ample payout if they can succeed. I don’t want to give away any spoilers here because it would be a great injustice to you as a reader, but this is basically Ocean's 11 in the Grishaverse.  It has suspense and action and the ethereal air of mystery. It’s one of those great stories where you’re not sure WHO the “BAD” guys are...I mean you're rooting for the “criminals” right? But they have dark hearts of gold underneath all that gruff…? There were times where I was REALLY freaking out for our crew, like nail biting and squeals! I love that it pulled me in that much! The story is just so eloquently written that you feel like you're IN on the heist with them....riding all the ups and downs that come along with breaking into the Ice Court.

For those die hard romantics in us all, some lusty love has been woven into the story gracefully, and though some may find it lacking in frequency I found it to be a big part of the heart of the story  and some of the characters. I love how it's not just ONE love story either. Do with that what you will.... I thought it was executed flawlessly in the first novel, and set the stage for so many possibilities in the future.I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT!

“I will have you without armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.”

“The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.”

“I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath.”

“He needed to tell her...what? That she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved. That he was twisted, crooked, wrong, but not so broken that he couldn't pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her. That without meaning to, he'd begun to lean on her, to look for her, to need her near. He needed to thank her for his new hat.”

“She'd laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.”

“What do you want then?"
The old answers came easily to mind. Money. Vengeance. Jordie's voice in my head silenced forever. But a different reply roared to life inside him, loud, insistent, and unwelcome. You, Inej. You.

I mean....If those quotes alone don't pique your interest....I just don't know about you.

This is my first L.Bardugo novel, but I can tell you after this I am really eager to dive further into her world and read The Grisha Series (which came our prior to 6OC) starting with Shadow and Bone. Since I am a newb with this author it was my first glimpse into the Grisha world and let me tell you...It was like reading about Hogwarts for the first time. This world is so thought out and detailed that you just fall right into it. I found myself googling words and phrases and little things like that through out my whole read. I was astounded and wondering if all this was all this pulled together from different things, how much did she create from her own beautiful mind...HOW can I get there?? The surrounding elements were JUST as much a part of the story as the characters and their adventure. If you check out the authors web site or Goodreads page she does touch base on her inspiration and vision for Ketterdam.

THAT ENDING!!!! Guys, be prepared. I don’t think I would call it a cliffhanger, because the ending is not abrupt, however it does leave open some VERY loose ends. Loose ends that will have you screaming for a resolution. It is the perfect bittersweet set up for the next big adventure. I just wish I could have it NOW!

I wish I could give away MORE information, but I really can't and that is killing me! Cause it is AMAZING! And I wan't to blab to all you beautiful readers about its AWESOMNESS! My words alone could never do it justice. And after my gushing review with very little plot information, you may be on the fence. DON'T BE. You know I'm not into the whole synopsis-y break down play-by-play reviews anyways. JUST READ IT! I ain't steering you wrong here I swear!

Here is something cool for you-before you start reading, head over the The Grishaverse site and take the 6OC quiz to see which Crow character you are! I recommend doing it prior to reading so you are unbiased and can't tailor your answers to the character you WANT....HA! I know how you little beauties think! I got Nina the Heartrender! Not my first choice but I can see that, and I'm not even a little bothered by it.

Have you guys read Six of Crows yet? If so what did you think? If not, is it on your TBR pile?

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