Sunday, February 14, 2016

Books For Valentine's Day!

Hello book beauties! Love is in the air no? Or at least it should be, being Valentine’s day and whatever non-sense. Weather you’re alone or attached or looking or in this complicated limbo type thing...NO MATTER! Bust out the books and have a romance read-a-thon! Binge it ALLLLL, because love and stuff! RIGHT?? I mean...I’m kind of indifferent about Valentine’s really…(although I do love to pass out cards at work….what? They are cute!) but I LOVVVEEEEEE romance reads. I have no shame in it either. I am a sucker for a good angsty love story. NA? YA? I don’t care give me alllll  the loves and alllll the ships and alllll the OTP’s! If my book doesn’t have some kind of love plot, hidden or otherwise I usually lose interest. That's just the way it is.

So in the name of the heart shaped season, I thought I’d share a few lovely ROMANCE series I REALLY enjoyed and I think you could just get LOST in! (I've linked all the series to Goodreads, to make it easier to check out synopsis, reading orders and reviews!)

18+ readers, due to graphic steamynesssss.
Because...HELLO?! Christina Lauren know how to write love stories! Each book follows a new couple who are all connected in one way or another. Some of the books are outlandish and a little unrealistic, some are wild and all about a totally different scene...and some are just simply splendid and simple and heartwarming. And ALL of them are hilarious. And let's not forget the lovely novellas in between that keep us updated on all the happenings. It light hearted, minimal drama or conflict with tons of steamy sexy times without being overdone...most of the time. If you looking for something with tall hunky men, and strong independent women with attitude, this is a great love series for you! Check out Carmen's review of Beautiful Bastard here!

18+ readers...again due to graphic steamynesssss.
I LOVED this series! I am a total sucker for series like this where by the end you have this huge unbreakable group of couples all linked together! This one is really fun and light hearted with big fat sappy HEAs! It has a little something for everyone! All the women are great and fun and varying and the men range from movies stars, pro football players and rock stars, to ex navy seals, cops! It’s light-hearted and fun and these couples are so fun to read about! Ms. Proby knows how to write a tough alpha male with an incredibly sensitive sweet side!

18+ readers...again……..due to graphic steamynesssss.
A really great series that takes us through multiple couples who meet and fall in love along the way. You usually get two to three books per couple. They are, light and funny and quick reads but have a firm hand in the drama pot. Each book contains some kind of overbearing struggle or hardship or demons from someone's past that bleed into the pages. It’s the perfect combination of love and tenderness and drama! It's a long series, but they are short reads I swear! Check out Carmen's review of Rush To Far here and Twisted Perfection here!

18+ readers...again…..Are we sensing a theme here???
Looking for something angsty and gut wrenching and maybe a little dysfunctions, but with a HEA? This's for you. Its got the brooding bad boy, who yes has a heart of gold but it’s buried deep. REALLY DEEP. And you have the typical naive babe in the woods who is all pure and beautiful and has no idea?? She is also a total poomp. They are both judgmental and controlling and co-dependent but through their roller coaster they learn a lot about the people they want to be. . Check our Carmen's review of After here!

Don’t worry my young Padawan’s, I have not forgotten you! YA is not in short supply of deliciously romantic reads full of tension and angst!

We’ve touched on this deliciously amazing series a few times on the blog...and that's because it's ahh-mazing! As far as YA loveiness goes, it is TOP NOTCH! Full of just enough steam without taking away fro the rest of the major adventure taking place. Its got love triangles and family squabbles and a battle to essential save our world. READ IT! Check out our reviews of White Hot Kiss here and Every Last Breath here!

Looking for some fallen angel drama-rama, and forbidden true love that lasts...FOREVER! Pretty crazy and intense read full of questions and battles and...again FALLEN ANGELS. I LOVE FALLEN ANGEL STORIES! Plus, this is set to a movie, so better start getting ready for fangirl freakouts right?! Plus we get a new book in the series in the fall!

Okay so I am only halfway through the first book but i can already tell this is going to be an epic story of adventure and battles...YES! I LOVE BATTLES! But on top of the epic battles i foresee in my future pages, i am also picking up on some serious love tension right now and i LOVE it...the boy you grow up with and pine away for? The new Darkling who is equal parts intriguing and intimidating. I love kurtness….they always crumble the hardest...that's just a prediction at this point...NO SPOILERS!

A dystopian style series where they think LOVE is a disease! I mean….you just KNOW there is going to be a rebellion. And what better read to celebrate on Valentine’s that a series where people are actively fighting for the right to LOVE. it has love-triangle-y goodness and a strong female lead! It’s an unsung series in my opinion and if you’re a fan of the genre i would highly recommend checking it out! (This is a trilogy, but there are 4 novella backstories written on other characters in the series.) Check out Carmen's review of Delirium here! far as my YA reads go, my preferences are a little picky. I usually steer away from contemporary and because of that I can’t really recommend much in that way. (I like my NA contemporary and my YA all fantasy and paranormal….it is what it is. SUGGEST ME SOMETHING GOOD.)

So in doesn't matter what your relationship status is today...if you’re in the mood for love, just READ ABOUT IT!

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