Friday, February 19, 2016

Giveaway Time: FADING AWAY and NOVEMBER SKY by Dannielle Wicks

I have teamed up with the lovely Dannielle Wicks for an awesome giveaway! 
She will be giving one of my followers her two Young Adult / New Adult books, FADING AWAY (Hardest Mistakes #1) and NOVEMBER SKY (Hardest Mistakes #2), along with some magnets, and bookmarks! 

Find the photo above on my instagram, @ohthebookfeels, and complete the following: 
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Ends February 26th

One night. 
One stupid mistake.
Changes everything.

SAMMY STEVENS was tragically orphaned at the age of nine and sent to live with a foster family in the town of Miakoda Falls. She's bullied at school by the arrogant, selfish, one and only... KAI JORDAN.

Kai is your typical entitled teen who's on the verge of attending University and having everything he ever wanted handed to him.

But that all changes when he is involved in a car accident after a night of partying...

He's suddenly and painfully brought into the world of supernatural.

Kai turns to the last person he ever would've expected, Sammy, as he struggles with his new identity and watches the people closest to him move on. And he is forgotten.

As Kai and Sammy grow closer, Kai must figure out a way to either stay human or risk being stuck forever, as a prisoner of his own body…

A heartbreaking loss.

A love that transcends mortality.

A struggle between holding on and letting go…

KRISTIAN REED is only seventeen years old when his girlfriend, JESSICA SCOTT, dies in a tragic accident. Devastated and burdened with guilt, he finds it impossible to move on.

Six years later, he’s not doing any better. He’s accepted a prestigious internship at a big city news station, but he’s still losing himself in alcohol and women to numb his pain.

Jessica might be dead, but she’s not gone—at least not anymore…
She is pulled from Purgatory, and thanks to the presence of a personal memento, Kristian can see and feel her. But how can the ghost of his first love expect to be a part of his future?

BAILEY NICHOLS is assertive and annoying, but something draws her and Kristian together. Her brother hates him, but Bailey is used to getting what she wants. She knows the pain of losing people you love, and she’s determined to break through Kristian’s emotional wall and prove they belong together.

Jessica is caught between worlds. She can’t let go of Kristian, but she’s not meant to be here, and her lingering is threatening everyone and everything around her as she begins to lose herself to the darkness.

Dannielle lives in Kingaroy, Australia, with her fiancé, 3 dogs and a bird named Torak. Dannielle used to sneak notebooks into classes at high school, to read/write while no one was looking. Fading Away, her debut novel, is actually a reincarnation of some of the stories she used to write instead of doing her homework. She graduated from the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE with a Certificate in Information Technology back in 2011, and now currently works full time in the Information Technology Industry.
Dannielle writes mostly Young Adult fiction, but occasionally dabbles in the worlds of Sci-Fi, Murder Mysteries and Adult Romance. 
Since deciding never to become an adult, she has engrossed herself in the amazing world of young adult fiction and an unusual amount of TV. She adores Disney movies and can’t get enough of classic fairy tales. When she's not busy writing, she can be found sneaking a chocolate from the fridge.

Dannielle is also an active member and supporter of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

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