Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is the deal with the STAR rating?

Hello darlings, Risa here! So I have been actively book reviewing in one form or another for a few years now, and just recently I had the revelation of the STAR RATING. At least a revelation on MY star rating. And that revelation is that unless you’re ME and in MY HEAD it is pretty pointless. Well maybe not pointless but INACCURATE of my OPINION on the book.

While I know of a lot of reviewers who have a list of criteria checks to tick off before applying a star to a book, I do not. I am envious of those who have their brain together enough to pull it off though. It really is a major accomplishment, and I’m not just saying that. I have no list or breakdown of how or why I rate the way I do. It is all based on FEELS. Which I mean is SO SILLY, because my feels are not your feels. But they are MY STARS to give out, so I’ll do it how I want right??

I mean at least if I could say, I base my STARS on plot, character building, blah blah blahhh I would feel a little more legit. I’ll be honest I am NOT stingy with my stars. I usually rarely rate lower than a 3...because even if it wasn’t my favorite...writing a book is HARD WORK. Authors deserve credit right??? I’m too soft!-but in my defense I think my WORDS give a more honest breakdown then my STARS right?  

This also brings me back to the point I’ve said before, a little quip courtesy of Gus & Hazel, “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”  Let me demonstrate…

On GoodReads I gave Clockwork Angel a FIVE STAR rating and shelved it with my favorites. I also gave Devil’s Game a FIVE STAR rating.

Do I feel these books are equal, or on the same literary level? NO. And I mean that, NO. I would definitely hold one to a higher standard than the other. Now I’m not saying one is better than the other...but they are two totally and completely different books. I’m talking opposite ends of the earth. 

I LOVED THEM BOTH. I loved them differently. And while one is going down in the hall of fame as an all time favorite read, that didn’t take away from the fact that I thought the other one punched me repeatedly in the feels and I loved every second of it! 

I think I get SO WRAPPED up in my books that I have tunnel visions, and I’m like This is soooo amazing I love it I’m in love omggggg..FIVE STARS!!!!” and then when I step out of the page dust fog, I’m like… "but was it AS good as...this book over here that I ALSO gave FIVE STARS?” .........................It’s very conflicting being me.

Am I making sense? Cause it’s driving me nuts! I need my stress blankie!!
Thats better....ahhhhhh.

I guess basically what I’m getting at is my STAR ratings are really a bunch of poomp. That in no way really gauge the book on a level of “GOODNESS” but rather how much I liked them. How much they sucked me into the story and how they made me FEEL as a reader.….Which leads me to my dilemma as a reviewer….I feel I owe it to you all to gauge my “ratings” a little more thoughtfully….or don’t STAR rate at all?!? Maybe I’ll “heart” rate..or “puppy” rate? And it can be a system all my own? Or am I being a total ramble-nerd and looking into to this WAY to deeply? Am I alone in this, or do you too just rate what you FEEL?


  1. FEELS ALL THE WAY FOR ME AND NO REGRETS. XD Star ratings are seriously hard, because like they mean something different to everyone. :O I still love rating though??? Because I think it's good overview of one's thoughts on a book. But like 3-stars to me is a "meh/okay" story, but I know 3 stars to someone else could be "horrible" or even I know a blogger who rates books she likes 3-stars SO IT'S ALL REALLY REALLY SUBJECTIVE. XD But basically? I'm a tough reviewer and I give out my 5-stars cautiously, but I do rate soooo much on what I felt about a book. FEEEEEELS.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Rating gives me anxiety HA! As you said you dole out 5 stars with caution...I just toss those suckers out there like candy at a parade!! You said it perfectly that it is soooo subjective and everyone is different! Thanks for commenting, lovely!