Friday, March 4, 2016


Hello you wonderful little book blossoms! Risa here!  Can you guys believe it?!?! I’ve been blogging for six months now!! A very Merry Un-Birthday to ME! Blackberry pie and lemon cakes for EVERYONE!

It has gone by soooo fast! Seriously. Here is a few bullet points about my experience thus far and what I have learned in my blogging journeyyyyyyy

  • First...I feel kind of like a poomp because in that time I think I’ve only done or contributed on 25 posts! That is NOTHING really….at least I feels like a tiny tiny puny amount to me…
  • Blogging is A LOT OF WORK! So much more time is involved than what I had originally thought….even with my puny 25 posts!
  • A personal kind of pressure to achieve that I haven’t felt since high school...yes kids I'M A GROWN UP and High School was kind of awhile ago…..
  • THIS COMMUNITY IS HUGE! Way bigger than I realized.
  • It’s possible I am my own worst critic and ALWAYS think I can do better….annoying.
  • I am a HUGE fan of praise. Didn’t know that going in, but please feel free to shower me with words of compliment.
  • I LOVE that I blog with OTHERS and not solo. Carmen is AWESOME! Seriously guys. She’s been so positive and sooooo helpful while I learn and navigate this new world and pfft...duh she lets me blog on here with pretty much free abandon….Cause she’s awesome. Also....Hannah? I mean have you SEEN her Instagram? She’s like the most adorable little book dragon I’ve ever seen. So basically getting to blog WITH them…’s pretty sweeeeet!

  • I think I need to read MORE…...
  • Submitting my first ARC request was kind of nerve wracking…
  • Receiving my first pre-release galley was nerve wracking...BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TO READ IT! AND FAST!!
  • Sometimes formatting will just not cooperate and you need to scrap your original layout...WITHOUT yelling at your computer.
  • I need to remember to set realistic goals, especially when it come to page views...if it hit 50 I’m ecstatic!!!
  • As much as I want to be the very best and have alllllll the Instagram followers….I am still going to post pictures of my dogs and other random non-book things....because I can be passionate about so many THINGS! And having TWO accounts is just not for me....
  • I don't have to OWN all the books to READ all the books. The Library is AWESOME.
  • Just because my bookshelves don't have 651641684 books on them, doesn't mean they aren't cool.
  • LASTLY…...HOW MUCH FUN IT IS!!!! Seriously! I am in love! I have had such a wonderful time doing this and looking forward to more! So a HUGE thank you to everyone who has ever read my stuff and to everyone who has commented with me!!-because admittedly getting comments is favorite part!!


  1. Haha! I like your confession and I have the same feeling to! (Except...I don't particularly like library...strange...)

    1. Ohhhmmmyyyyy! *GASP* You don't like the Library?!? Are you "librarying" right??? Thank you for stopping by! I'm learning as I go and loving it!

    2. Well...I feel so guilty about not liking library!!! But i do like to touch those old book in the library and taste the atmosphere in library~ i think i just prefer bookstore better!

  2. I LOVE reading your blogs Risa! Keep up the great work!

    PS - Libraries ROCK!