Thursday, March 31, 2016

How I Buy Books....

Greeting Earthlings! Today’s post is about buying books and how I do it….on a budget I feel like when you're an avid reader (or an avid anything) you develop your own process or system for how and why you go about DOING said thing….

When I first got “back into” reading I would buy them ALL the used..whatever. The I had ALL these books half of which I knew I was never going to read, so aside from my FAVORITES, like Twilight or my Elvis collection (yes I have one of those and it's amazing.) I got rid of EVERYTHINGGGGG. I purged it all, and made a new rule that I would only keep my favorites… in books that had potential to be RE-READ, because YES I re-read books a lot.

Now I know some bibliophiles who have 5 shelves FULL of glorious books and DO NOT each his own right?! I feel like I have SO MANY things I’m passionate about that I try to keep everything “reined in” so I can spread my love around….I mean I AM a reader on a budget. It’s just how I do things... Soooo again this big book purge was a way to cut down on cost and space….

  • I am a BIG believer of trading books in. That's how my initial purge started and I stuck with it. I got trade in credit for my books, and i bought new ones. Kept the ones I loved brought back the ones I didn’t and had new credit for MORE books.

  • A lot of the time I’ll read a book from the library, then decide that it is just AMAZING so THEN I buy the series for my shelf. I like this system too cause there's nothing more disappointing than buying this 18$ hardcover only to discover that you don’t even really like it...UGH. I’ve mentioned the Library on here a lot so I won’t give you another diatribe, but seriously...the Library is a godsend and a HUGE money saver for me.

  • I also refrain from buying and unread series in it’s entirety. For instance. The Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Bought the WHOLE thing in one swoop. Finished book TWO and haven’t picked it back up yet…SOO unless the rest of the series blows my mind when I finally pick it back up, these beauties (yes they ARE gorgeous covers) will most likely be traded in...

  • I BUY USED. ALOT. Some readers just prefer brand new and if that’s your flavor there's nothing wrong with that. For me personally, used doesn't bother me at all. I mean if the book is very visibly worn I might reconsider but...most of the time it's cheaper and that's where I’m sold. Also I have found some really NEAT stuff in my books when I buy used and maybe I’m weird but I LOVE THAT! I’be found pressed leaves and concert stubs...all kinds of stuff. (Sometimes I leave little things in my books too when I trade them in...whatever.)

  • I RARELY buy multiple copies of the same book. Which is HARD sometimes. REALLY HARD. These publishes are KILLING me with re-prints I swear. I think maybe if I had more disposable income for the cause I WOULD totally go for it, but right now it’s not feasible to own 4 copies of the same book when I could own OTHER books...ya know? With that I HAVE made some exceptions, like with The Infernal Devices (I have two sets) and you can bet your sweet butt that if I ever find the new hardbacks or the GERMAN EDITIONSSSSS I will be springing for those. Also...Harry Potter...I want ALL the Harry Potters Ha Ha! There's always an exception to the rule right??

  • I try to refrain from buying more than two or three books a month, and that includes my eBooks...Unless of course I have store credit somewhere HA! I keep my eyes open for New Releases so I can budget them in that month if I KNOW it’s one I have to have. (Although that doesn’t always go the way I thought either……..*cough* Glass Sword *cough*.) Also, you can check out Hannah’s post about Budgeting for Books in 2016!

It takes A LOT of self control, but then I’m not broke at the end of the month with a stack of books I haven’t read ON TOP of the other stack of books I haven’t read yet because I have these other books over HERE I’m see?

These small “rules” help keep my books costs down, and HONESTLY I really don’t feel restricted or hindered at all. I like that my shelves have SPACE and that each book on there is something I LOVE. I may not have a wall to wall personal library, but I’m okay with that. I don’t feel like I need that to say I love books and reading. Although I’m sure ONE day I will have to add another shelf HAHAH!.....Oi!

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