Monday, April 18, 2016

Blog Tour: BOUGHT by Nicolette Hugo

One taste of Jerricho Black, Dom for hire, and Scarlet Bailey knows she’s made a big mistake. It's not the sting of his crop but the intimacy that makes her come undone. The threat made all the more real when her husband hires his services for the next forty days. 
Wrongly suspected of a crime he didn’t commit, on the run and in trouble, Jerricho needs the money Killian Bailey offers him. Sleeping with another man’s wife is nothing personal, but every day Scarlet slips deeper into his blood. 
Killian tells himself he is not worthy of his wife, not after she got hurt on his watch, and not until he gets his revenge. Now he’s hired a man to give Scarlet what he can’t. So why does he want to hit the man? 
Sometimes home feels strange and a stranger feels like home … sometimes the only redemption you find is the one you bought.

Jerricho gently set his bag down on the floor as he watched, the sight as unexpected as she was beautiful.
Her glossy pink lips open in a silent gasp as she rocked her hips. The silk of her panties straining against her hand as her fingers found the right rhythm. Eyes closed, she gave no indication she’d heard him enter the suite or the room.
She seemed oblivious in her abandon.
Smiling, he leaned his shoulder against the doorway, folded his arms, and patiently waited for the climax. 
“Fuuuck.” She groaned the word out, shuddering as she came. 
Spent and chest heaving, Scarlet lay with her hand still tucked into her panties as she slowly returned to the world.
He entertained raising his hands to clap. 
“I know you’re there.” She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him. 
It was his first good look at her face. With delicate gray eyes and a cupid’s mouth, her beauty was ethereal.
“Normally, that happens when I get here.” He indicated toward her crotch with his chin.
She laughed. It sounded throaty and all vice.
“I was nervous.” She blushed; already flushed cheeks grew even darker.
“Most people bite their nails when that happens.” 

If love is the drug, sex is the pusher….
Nicolette writes erotic fiction with strong elements of kink. She loves exploring characters that move between light and dark in stories that bruise.
Residing in cosmopolitan Sydney, she lives on a love of indulgence, cats and corsets.
Always happy to talk books you can catch her on Facebook and Twitter.


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