Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to Break a Reading Rut!

Guyyysss! Oh about hiatus right?? It’s Risa, remember me??  Here I am stuck in the reading rut of my life. I’m trying to break out of it, but sometimes it’s hard man. If I’m being honest this is kind of the norm for me and usually happens once a year or so. It's a tough gig and usually drives me crazy with guilt...NOT READING MY BOOKS know what I’m talking about!

So anyways, I've been away….being busy and not really doing anything of great importance….but I haven’t really read much and my TBR pile is staring at me with judging eyes. This of course leads to a blog break in which I have posted nothing and now my computer has teamed up with my TBR pile and they are planning a revolt against me…..  Since I seem to be stuck in this drought of words I decided a good way to try and boost myself out of it and get back in the saddle was to do a post….about boosting yourself out of a reading rut….smart right?? Immerse yourself and it shall happen…

Sooooooo here is my list of things to help pull yourself out of a book reading RUT…

This one is such a no-brainer but so ridiculously true man. I LOVE books...but I LOVEEE TV too. Like...a lot. We have a pretty intense relationship and I binge a lot! I get just as sucked into my shows as I do my pages….and sometimes I tend to give one more attention than the other. (I have A LOT of shows….and right now it’s OUTLANDER, in case you were curious. Liked it so much I started it over again once I caught up...that's BAD kids.) Even if I’m actively reading I tend to leave the TV on as background noise, but if you're trying to shake a slump, just going without is honesty the best thing….give your book your best undivided self.

This can mean different things for all of us. For ME it means I need to crack open some cheesy steamy romance book with simple characters and very little plot. You’d think it would make my slump worse but it really does help. I get sucked into it and it helps get me back into the groove of reading…. and gets me motivated again to go after something I really WANT TO read….BookBub is great for this.

Some of you may not be rereaders and HEY...that's okay. It’s not for everyone. Me however? I LOVE TO REREAD! So if my slump is bad I try picking up and tested favorite and start skimming. I usually end up falling in love all over again and in turn getting all jazzed about reading again. Beautiful Player is a reread favorite of mine. Not too long, happy and engaging. Think about may work.

So I can usually ready 2 books at the same time. I mean...not LITERALLY at the same time get what I mean. Any more than that and things may start to get a little hairy….and confusing. Sometimes when you have too many books going or “pressure” to read it can make you start to pull away. When I say pressure I mean...a new release came out and you feel like you HAVE to read it...or you want to do a review so you NEED to read this book...that kind of pressure. It can be kind of counterproductive if you make to much of it. (I think i did this here with Glass Sword….the pressure got me! I wasn’t INTO it the way I wanted to be...and down I slid…)

Sometimes all it takes is something to be excited about. A book you’ve been waiting to buy, or a new release. Whatever! Something that has you EXCITED….GET IT! Get it and sit down and crack it open, see how you feel. I am SO pumped to see the movie Me Before You, so I checke the book out to give it a go...and although I am not devouring it in one sitting I AM reading it...mission accomplished!

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